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Below is are some examples of websites I've worked on.

Over the years my experience has seen me put my skills as copywriter, content creator and curator, SEO exec, designer and project manager, I've brought my passions to the following sites.

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 15.50.05.png

Brief: To create a website to rebrand the agency, highlighting the power of human combined with technology. I helped Purplefish realise a website that use a light touch to convey the years of (human)experience. I project-managed the creation of the website from initial conception through build, copywriting, SEO and UX.

Platform: Squarespace & Elementor

IMG_3345 copy_edited.jpg

Brief: Create a colourful website that conveys my experience and philosophy of yoga and meditation.  Bold photos, big quotes and a little copy, written from the heart,  conveying my personality, and the fact that I teach yoga in Bristol. 
Platform: Wix

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 15.27.38.png
Brief: Create a website that demonstrates the Special Yoga offering in as concise a way as possible. Previously the website was incredibly content heavy and relied on multiple drop-down menus. Here we worked to make a much more intuitive UX for parents, teachers and OT's finding Special Yoga from Google Searches.

Platform: Squarespace


Brief: Maintain, update and direct the design, SEO and UX of the local yoga brand’s site. The challenge was to effectively showcase Yogafurie's core elements, including their yoga classes, teacher training, retreats and holidays, and reforestation goal, with as little cannibalisation as possible. Tools for success included directing photography, blog creation, online yoga classes and LiveChat plug-ins.  

Platform: Wordpress & Elementor

Brief: Create a simple cinematic-feeling website for the Berlin-based producer and composer. Andert’s music is moody and emotive and he wanted a website to echo that. He also had no assets. We successfully created a sleek and minimalistic website that not only resonates with Andert's aesthetic but also ensures easy updates and maintenance. Employing a user-friendly content management system, allows simple updates without the need for technical support 24/7.

Platform: Squarespace

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